Clean eating meal prep is not just careless but must use the right method. Eating will be more delicious and delicious, not only can we see in terms of the appearance of the meal itself. But in terms of a place to put the food. Make sure plates and cutlery must be clean and hygienic. This has a big influence on you when you eat. Dirty equipment can spoil the appearance of food.

On the other hand, it can make you sick, due to contamination by bacteria in unclean food equipment. Especially if you eat in a public place, there are some irresponsible parties. Only giving words to eat sober and still not clean.

Clean Eating Meal Prep Method to Avoid Bacteria and Hygienic

The Right Range of Clean Eating Meal Prep

There are many ways to clean up meal prep that you should apply and don’t forget. Food is a basic need for people all over the world. For that, make sure that the food you eat is also nutritious and guaranteed to be delicious. Likewise, all cutlery, ranging from spoons, forks, plates, glasses, and much more.

You have to guarantee cleanliness one by one. To clean cutlery, you have to pay attention to many things. Starting from dishwashing soap, it should not contain chemical content. Apart from that, rinsing it cleanly and the fishy smell should be gone and coarse.

For more details, you can apply the clean eating meal prep below:

Prepare Boiling Water

The first way is to prepare water to boil. Boiling water itself functions to activate the baking soda and start the process of turning aluminum foil into liquid. For cutlery such as plates, cups, and spoons, you can use clean water and washing foam.

Wash Thoroughly

The second is to wash cutlery, namely plates, glasses, forks, or other tools. Clean thoroughly and make sure you don’t leave any food stains. How to wash it is also different. For plastic materials, don’t wash with gauze, it’s better to use special foam for washing. Because rough foam will damage the cutlery.

Put it on the Storage Rack

If you have finished washing all the cutlery, now is your turn to store them in the dish rack. This is so that the remaining water in the cutlery is lost. If you have, you can just use the cutlery. However, you also have to clean it by wiping it with clean tissue. Because the shelves can also be contaminated with dust. For that, you have to wipe it using quality tissue. Only after that, you can use it to put food.

So, that was the clean eating meal prep that you can apply. By applying these tips, you and your family can enjoy the enjoyment of food and its hygiene.